Why You Should Join A Mommy Facebook Group!

Mommy Facebook Group, Mommy support group, Mom's Helping Mom's

Are you a stay-at-home mom (or work-at-home mom) who finds herself singing along to Daniel tiger’s neighborhood & reading the same 2 board books 100 times a day and could use the support and understanding of a group of fellow moms to talk to, support and commiserate with?

When I became a stay at home mom and my daily routine consisted of diaper changes and 20-minute naps that weren’t even long enough for me to get a shower and singing the only lullaby that stopped the baby from crying all day long. And I found myself without any friends who had kids where we could rant or celebrate together.

Since I couldn’t leave the house with the baby I took to the only thing I could think to-do, Join mommy facebook groups where I can lend advise and receive some support from other moms in the same situation as me. But quickly found out a lot of them are not for me. Most have some sort of drama going on at all hours of the day. Some become inactive, some are full of trolls.

I created my own mommy facebook group! I wanted this space to be a safe and judgment-free, supportive and uplifting group of women who share anything from asking for advice to celebrating a milestone their sweet babe reached! I intend to create relationships with the members of this group and I encourage you to do the same!


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Mommy Facebook Group, Mommy support group, Mom's Helping Mom's


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